Friday, July 01, 2011

Visiting Yad Washem with tourists

Almost all tourists I guide, visit Yad Washem the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem.
We try to understand what happened then and how 6 million innocent people were killed by an industrial system of hate.

Both my parents were active members of the Dutch resistance and I remember that even as a young kid I was aware of the history of the Sho'ah which wiped out almost my entire family.

Many questions are asked during those visits and it is hard to find answers, but some time ago one of the tourists asked me a question that left me speechless.
The person was extremely shocked by the sights shown in the memorial and than I heard a question I as a non-christian couldn't answer.

"Could it be that Jesus came back to earth before the Holocaust and was killed together with the 6.000.000?'

What could I answer?

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