Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Biking in Israel

Iguana Bike Photo

This week I bought a bike in the local bicycle shop.
Not a fancy one, but a good one. So now I am the proud owner of a yellow Giant Iguana bicycle.
My son Adam is the bicycle pro in our family and what he can do with a bike is amazing.
He briefed me what to buy.

Yesterday I made my maiden voyage through the fields of Emek Hefer along the Alexander Stream - Nahal Alexander.
The weather was great and the sights likewise.

The disturbance I caused to the nature, riding on a bike, was minimal and the birds and other animals I met on my way just went on doing what they did and the didn't even give me a second look.
A bottle of tap water and some dates were my food provisions.
Along the track there were still puddles from the last rains, but the day self was sunny and pleasant.

On my way I met 3 colleague bikers and meeting them was like meeting with old friends.
I want to train to make a long distance trip through Israel and I even may take groups of tourist bikers to explore the country on bikes.

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