Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rebuilding the Family

When I was a young kid, our family had only a few real friends.
Family Verveer were real friends. They lived some blocks away from us, so we met each other relatively often.
They survived the Holocaust in an unbelievable way in hiding, a mother (Jettie), 3 sons (Jack, Bob, Daan) and a daughter (Chaja) who went as toddler through the hell of concentration camps.
The father who was an active member of the resistance was killed by the Nazis.
Mrs. Verveer was an unbelievably brave woman of huge quality.
Some months ago I ran into an article David (Daan) Verveer wrote about the family.
It is called "Rebuilding the Family" and worth reading every word of it.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

By bus to Eilat, a good idea?

Some days ago I planned a trip to Eilat.
I didn't want to drive up and down 5 hours in each direction, so I opted for a bus.
I ordered a return ticket on-line on the Egged Website. (the service is in Hebrew only ...)
It was cheap about NIS 130.- which is $35.-
So far so good.
On the way to Eilat it was a morning bus and quite empty. It left at 07:45 from Natania and it was not too hot. The bus was an old bus and the air conditioner knew better days. But it wasn't hot yet. There is a little space for the legs ....
I arrived 5 hours later in Eilat and took my rented car at Eldan. I was a nice Mazda 2 and it was a pleasure to drive around with it.
I stayed at the very basic but nice Melony hotel that too was extremely cheap, about $45.- a night including a fridge in the room, breakfast and a nice swimming pool. It is about 5 minutes from the center, that might be a slight problem.
After I finished all my business I went to the bus station to get on the bus. The ticket was waiting for me in a ticket automate. But .... although I booked my seat some days before I couldn't choose my seat and I found myself on the backseat. Again in an old bus with a air conditioner that hardly worked, but this time we left at noon at 40 degrees Celsius and my seat was at the Western side of the bus, right the sunny side both from the side and behind. The bus was packed and in front of me were two women, who decided that we should travel 5 hours behind a closed curtain. So I travelled 5 hours back home from Eilat without knowing where I was with a burned back and nowhere else I could sit.

By bus to Eilat, not such a good idea! Thanks Egged and thanks to the two passengers in front of me, for planning this torture.

Next time I think I'll take a Camel to Eilat .....